Garden Design

You may find the prospect of a full blown garden design service a little intimidating. That’s why we break the process down into three clearly defined stages with clear pricing, so you know exactly what’s involved and what it’ll cost you before you start.

sketch➊ Consultation

One of us will visit you at your garden to find out your personal tastes and ideas and to discuss practical and visual aspects.

Through the course of the appointment, informed both by your wishes and our creativity and experience, we’ll sketch out a concept garden design and an impression of the scheme. We leave you the drawings, and at this stage you have no further commitment. You can implement the ideas yourself or move on to stage two.
That’s a sketch plan with indications of features and materials for only £150 + VAT!

plan➋ Design
We undertake a site survey, then further develop the sketch ideas from the consultation into a working scale plan from which you or one of our recommended contractors can construct your garden.

The price of plans start at £400 + VAT for a 100sq m garden. The price includes the measure and survey of the site and to produce the drawings.

construction➌ Construction

You may decide to build the garden yourself or select your own contractor. We can however introduce you to one of our preferred contractors who can give you a  break down quote from one of our garden plans.

Take a look at our portfolio for some inspiration and ideas.


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