Garden Care Service

Garden Care

Regular garden maintenance makes sure that your outside space is always a relaxing and happy place to be, by allowing us to help in your garden this enables you to spend time enjoying your garden and easing your work load.

What we offer:

With 20 years of horticultural experience we offer a professional garden maintenance service with works carried out by a qualified and insured gardener.

Our maintenance programmes include all lawn works; they will be mown frequently, fertilized and kept free of weeds. All borders will be weeded regularly and shrubs, roses and perennials pruned at the correct time to ensure their health. We will keep all of your outside space clean and tidy, making sure it is ready to be enjoyed all year round.

We also offer seasonal pruning and a one off garden tidy. It is nice to combine a one off tidy with a garden consultation.

We will work with you to fill any gaps in your borders, rejuvenate tired areas of your garden or implement a whole new theme should you want to.

We will use compost heaps and green waste bins when available.


What happens after you contact us:

We will visit you in your garden and to have a chat to see how we can help with your gardening needs. It’s always good to get to know the client and how they like their garden to be, we will take any input you have for us or we can take the reins and leave you with one less thing to worry about.

From here a garden care schedule can be planned. We provide maintenance all year round. This gives us time to make sure your garden looks its best all the time.


Terms and costs:

We have found the most economical and convenient way for our customers is to have a weekly schedule, calculate an annual price and divide it into the same monthly charge. Some weeks our visits may be twice as long as others but the cost will remain the same. However, this can be a fortnightly, monthly or one off visit should you require.

The cost of the garden care schedule will be worked out by evaluating the size of your garden and the amount of work we will be carrying out each week.

Any extra waste created by garden care will be taken away by us and will be factored into the cost of our maintenance charge.

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