Winter Tips And Advice

With the run up to Christmas it would be easy to forget the garden for a while, but there are a few jobs that still need doing

Dry, windy days will mean that any pots or containers you have will certainly need watering

Apple trees can be pruned as soon as the leaves have finished dropping. Try to create an open tree with well spaced branches, removing any dead or diseased branches along the way

It’s a good time to think about having your lawnmower serviced and sharpened ready for the first cut next spring

And don’t forget to call into Scotsdales to buy your gardening Christmas presents for family and friends

Plant of the Month

Arbutus unedo


It’s common name is ‘The Strawberry Tree’ but despite it’s name it does not produce strawberries

The Arbutus is an evergreen shrub which can grow, if left, to a height of

5-10m (16-33ft). Leaves are dark and glossy with a serrated edge, and it produces white bell shaped flowers. The stems are a warm cinnamon colour

The fruit is red and can be made into jam, but if eaten on it’s own the fruit can taste quite bland.

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