Autumn Tips And Advice

• Continue watering lawns, trees, shrubs, vines and all new plantings until the rains come. Don’t forget to water plants in sheltered areas. Well-watered plants survive freezing temperatures better than dry ones.

• Perennial and biennial plants can be started from seed sown directly into the garden this month.

• Set out a dish of beer for your slugs now. Remove dead slugs daily.

• Harvest apples and pears before any proper frosts. An easy and effective way to store apples is in a cool place, loosely in plastic shopping bags, with their tops left open. This makes them easy to check from time to time for any signs of rot developing. Only store sound, undamaged fruit.


Apply an autumn weed and moss killer this month. The idea is not to get your grass growing but to give it the vigour and resilience to get through the winter.

October is a good month in which to lay turf. Make sure you get your turf from a reputable supplier-if possible, see it before you buy it. Prepare a weed-free tilth on which to lay your turf and give it time to settle. Start laying in a corner, bonding the turves in the same way as bricks; butt them together as tightly as you can, filling any gaps or depressions with sieved soil.

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